As Toutouyoudoo's CEO, my extensive experience in canine care and well-being, along with a military nursing background, has cultivated deep compassion and dedication. With a specialized diploma in canine mediation, I've witnessed the transformative power of dogs in social settings. Personal encounters with even 'difficult' dogs have strengthened my understanding of their needs. My passion lies in fostering strong bonds between dog owners and their furry companions through our platform. Let's unite and build a community that celebrates the joy and enrichment dogs bring to our lives.


Loïc Angole


Willy Angole, as the DSI (Director of Information Systems) of Toutouyoudoo, combines his expertise in technology and data management with a focus on enhancing our platform with AI technology and services. With a strong background in information systems and a passion for innovation, Willy drives the strategic implementation of AI advancements, ensuring Toutouyoudoo provides cutting-edge solutions to dog lovers worldwide


Willy Angole